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    I spent last weekend in Manchester and was surprised just how many treatments I saw! Here in the South it’s not as popular (or so it seems)

    The only other people I’ve seen in the flesh is the SKALP guys so It was nice to see it in the real world, one thing I did notice was that if the hair isn’t kept shaved right back it looks really really odd. I will defo not let it grow at all now after seeing it with growth on somebody else.

    Manchester is such a cool place!!!


    Yes I was told that I had to keep my hair shaved really close or it won’t match as well. I use a face shaver to keep it tight. Are you at the BBC Media Centre in that picture. A skinhead Doctor Who now that would be a new idea 🙂

    I live near Manchester and haven’t seen anyone as far as I’m aware so far with the treatment other than Damon the guy who did my treatment.


    Yeah it’s the media centre, I think a skinhead Dr Who is a must for future recordings. I certainly noticed at least 3 maybe 4. Only really because you could see the hair growing back on a few and the hairlines were the same. two looked great but the 2 with longer hair looked not so good (to me) I get paranoid that it will notice if I have growth


    Keep it tight to the bone for the best effect .
    Seen people that leave it a couple of days .
    The trained eye of someone whose had the treatment can tell.
    Anybody else wouldn´t notice a thing or would be the slightest bit interested.
    Which makes this treatment even better.
    The only people that really give a damm about it is ourselves !
    Would anybody ever think to themselves that bloke over there has got a tattoo on his head !
    Never in a million years !!!
    That´s how realistic it is !
    Long live the TATTOO HEADS !


    Christ, notsure that I wanna be known as a Tattoo head


    Agree with Hertha. Keep it tight and no one will ever no plus chill out cos you are now a tattoo head but you will never be known as one.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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