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    Thinking of getting smp done but would like to know who is the best at the one in London I know everyone says you won’t go wrong with who you have but I would really like to know if anyone can help


    Hi mate, you’ll get a different answer from every past customer, I recently had a touchup with Jason and he has done a top notch job, but truthfully I would of trusted any of the other guys to do it, it’s one of their busiest clinic there not going to let someone that isn’t at the top of their game being doing heads.


    They have three consultants in London and they are all very skilled and great lads, so you will be in safe hands with all three in my opinion.

    All Skalp consultants are trained to the highest standards by Jason the owner, and are 100% the best in the industry.
    Leon did my SMP and was brilliant throughout, with over 4,000 heads under his belt, so naturally that is my recommendation based on person experience.

    Hope that helps,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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