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    Hello my name is Peter Jones and I am sick of being bald. I started losing my hair about 15 years ago and it pissed me off, and it has been a struggle ever since. It has caused me problems with being sociable as i think about it too much and very rarely want to go out. I have no problems with shaving my head if it will look good.
    I have seen many videos on you tube of this treatment and some look absolutely awful and really fake, some though look very good. The pictures on this forum all look half decent but they could be just the best ones and the bad ones aren’t put on here. I have looked at other forums and websites and they have very mixed reviews and pictures. This makes me a little worried.
    Can somebody tell me why having my treatment with Skalp would be better than going elsewhere?


    Hi Peter.

    I cannot really advise regarding other providers as I have never been to one.

    The only thing I can talk about is Skalp as they consulted and treated me.

    Everybody I dealt with throughout the process was brilliant. Very professional and most importantly very caring.

    I did my research also on the Practitioner who was to be treating me and found many examples of happy clients with picture evidence. This for me was paramount.

    All the best and i hope you find what you want,


    Agree with Baldy.

    From start to finish my experience has been great plus my result if you look at my blog is just amazing. I really couldn’t have asked for anymore than I got.


    Thanks you for your answers.

    Shed7 I have seen your treatment and it is very good but I haven’t seen yours Baldy01. Do you have examples of your treatment I could see please.


    This is exactly how I feel
    Some look false and some look good,
    Hard to tell on pictures
    I’ve finally took the plunge and booked a consultation on the 13th February
    So I guess I’ll get to see it in the flesh and bad in a better position to make a judgement


    Where are you booked in for your consultation markyb?

    I’m impressed with the treatments I have seen on this forum compared to some videos and other companies work. However seeing certain videos albeit not from Skalp have left me concerned if could end up looking fake.

    Are we able to pick the consultant who we want to treat us?


    Just go for it. These guys are the real deal.


    booked in for manchester


    Hi Peter. I can totally understand your apprehension for something like this treatment. When I was searching for a hair loss solution and came across SMP I was amazed at what I saw but suspicious it could look great in real life. To be honest at first I thought all the pictures were photoshopped and it was all a con. However it certainly wasn’t.

    Rather though than just ignore it, I decided to research more and I found many happy people who had been treated. I then decided to have a consultation so I could see it in person and that sold it for me.

    Skalp have been brilliant in everyway. From the moment I first phoned them, to the moment I had my consultation and then the treatment. It has all bee great.

    A mention also to everyone on the forum who have helped with aftercare tips and been friendly and supportive.

    I would recommend Skalp to anyone wanting this treatment.


    Thanks for all your thoughts and reviews.


    Go for it PeterJones. These guys no what they are doing. Very experienced and give top notch results. Plus they really care.


    Thanks CheadleBoy. I’m getting a good feeling from what I’m seeing and reading. Have you had the treatment?


    I read a post from CheadleBoy on here a few months ago and he had the treatment. It looked very good.


    Have sent my picture in to have a mock up done. Looking forward to getting it back.


    the mock up i was sent did not look that good, its just to give you an idea.
    i got consultation tomorrow.
    got to go straight from work. so its going to be a long day.
    work at 5.30 then appointment at 16.00

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