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    Yes they told me that. Just be interesting to see how I look.


    I’ve had my treatment done by Damon in Manchester
    The reason I chose Skalp was simply because I trusted him.
    He put me totally at ease during the consultation not that I needed reassuring .
    Confidence breeds confidence and I got that in abundance from Damon !
    Top man takes pride in his work he knows how much this means to people getting this treatment done! It is a life changing action and you would not be able to put yourself in better hands!
    My advice is “those In the know go to the pros”
    Could not be happier. Will get some photos up on here when I get back off holiday next week!
    Looks even better with a tan 🙂


    Love your enthusiasm HHHHBSC. Where you been on holiday? Anywhere nice. Here in Blighty it’s been awful. Could do with a holiday myself.


    Hi, I did quite a bit of research before choosing this clinic, and found that out of all those I contacted, Skalp were the only ones who gave me in detail knowledge and where to verify what they were saying. Plus they were happy to talk at length on skype.

    I have now had my second treatment and am blown away by the results.

    The time spent in clinic was relaxed and professional. Very clean.

    What it has given me is a new confidence and self esteem, no one noticed that i was no longer bald in places, and those I told were impressed by the results.


    I went with skalp for 1 reason and 1 reason only…….. I wanted Damon to do my treatment.

    And he has done a fantastic job!


    I have been looking at this treatment for a number of years. I met the founder of the main competition and was not that impressed with his treatment. I’ve also been similarly unimpressed by some of the unnatural hairlines produced. There main selling point is the “open” forum, however any criticism results in you being barred!
    Main attraction of SKALP for me is that they have a Scottish clinic!


    Thanks for all your answers.


    cheers buddy


    Guys do you think if I had treatment on a Monday and return to work on the Wednesday this would be enough time to heel? Not 100% but enough to cause any attraction lol pic attached


    the redness should have started to settle down, but we are all different. It took about five days for the redness to totally go, the only person who was aware was me. So go on give it a go.


    All I can say is too anyone sitting on the fence and looking to have this treatment is go for it.


    Hi Peter,

    It’s up to you who you choose all I can advise is that I had great results from SKALP. I’m sure the treatments aren’t hugely different.

    Good Luck


    Well after many months of research I have decided to go with Skalp. It seems that whoever you get is very experienced and the quality of the work I have seen on here is of a very high standard. There seems far more consistency with this company and the other companies I have looked into May use trainees on you, or have no open forums or results to see. Thanks to everyone who has posted on here.


    Go for it Peter
    Get it sorted before it gets too hot
    Will you be going to Manchester


    Thats fantastic to hear Peter as I no you have been very skeptical and have really researched by the sound of it. All I can say is that my dealings with Skalp have been excellent all the way through. Im having an assessment in a couple of weeks before my guarantee runs out just in case anything needs doing. Not sure if I will require a 4th treatment as in my eyes as it still looks good, but I want the experts to have a look. As soon as I called they happily booked me in. Great customer service from start to finish. I think you have chosen correctly.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 82 total)
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