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    I researched this treatment for nearly 2 years and have had consultations with about 6 companies. Some were just one man bands and others were larger companies.

    Out of them all Skalp were in my opinion the best.

    My reasons are that from my initial email, phone calls, consultation to booking in, I felt looked after. Everybody I spoke to and met showed that they actually cared.


    I think this post is more relevant now than ever.

    Had my treatment a while ago and best decision I ever made.

    Good to pop back on the forum and see the company expanding with more tattooists, but not letting the quality falter like other places.

    Some excellent work on here now from all the offices.


    I agree JR25 they really do have the best artists, so glad i had it done at Skalp.


    Best company bar none.

    Changed my life.


    I’m biased of course having had the treatment when Skalp were just beginning. Even then I felt they were the best. Seeing how they are evolving I’d say they are even better.


    Skalp seem to be going to a different level now.

    Very good news to guys with hairloss.


    For me reading the reviews and forums around the internet, most of the other companies seems to have hit their peek and declining in quality and customer service. Whereas Skalp seem to be growing stronger and better with quality and customer service. The hairlines being posted on here are getting better and better, and after all for me the hairline is the main part of this treatment, if thats wrong then everything is wrong. The hairline is the key to how real it looks, its what everyone sees first and judges.

Viewing 7 posts - 76 through 82 (of 82 total)
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