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    Andy James

    Hi there,

    I’m wondering if anyone can help? I’m considering having the treatment done but I’m still unconvinced that the treatment will look completely natural. I’ve seen some very sharp hairlines online (albeit from other companies) and I don’t think they would suit me!!!!! Is it possible to have a more subtle look? Any answers would be much appreciated.




    Andy look through the forum as there are so many fantastic looking hairlines and treatments on here. I had mine done and I have had nothing but compliments and no one has ever said anything negative. I’d agree a subtle hairline is the best way to go.

    If you get chance go and have a consultation and see it for yourself or arrange to meet someone who has had it done as the pictures don’t do it justice even though they look great too.


    I think Andy James that if you decide to go ahead, you need to instruct whoever does your treatment and tell them exactly what you want. As Shed7 says, there are many treatments hereon this forum that show the skills of the practitioners with different shapes and styles. You just need to find the right one for you and the guys at Skalp will do you what you want.


    I have decided to go with Skalp because of the fact I believe the hairlines they do are more consistent than other providers in my area.


    AndyJames. All I can say is I did my research and for me Skalp we’re where the best hairlines were. Have a look at my diary showing before and after. I couldn’t have asked for a better treatment and it’s better than I thought it would be.


    I have had nothing but amazed looks and compliments since I had my treatment. Go and have a consultation and see it in the flesh.


    Natural is what I asked for and natural is what I’ve got now.

    My friends and family are an honest bunch and everyone thinks mine looks just like hair and that it looks spot on.

    Go for it Andy James.


    Andy Lad ,
    Get it sorted you are totally in safe hands with the Skalp boys.
    I´m nearly a year in and still feel like a rock star.
    Being a big baldy football head didn´t bother me at all ,honestly was happy with everything.
    Bit since Damon worked the magic I feel so much more confident in every aspect.
    Even though nobody really gives a bollocks about anybody else’s head.
    But the feel good factor this treatment gives you, you will only realise once you have had it done.
    Then you would say 3 grand !!!
    Would have paid double that.
    Money can´t buy happiness but 3 grand can !
    Damon apart from being top bloke is in the champions league of this game.
    He really cares about results . That´s the difference .You won´t leave Skalp looking anything but the main man.
    You´ll notice the customer service from the first contact . Brilliant !
    If you want the best Skalp won´t let you down!
    And I´ll put my ROCK star looks down as guarantee !
    So don´t mess around with others go with the boys that are sure to produce a winning performance everytime.
    Cheers Damon it really is life changing .


    HHHHBSC I love your enthusiasm and being one of the veterans of this treatment it’s great to hear.


    I can only say that in the 9+ months since I have had the treatment, never once I have had anybody say anything. It looks natural in the photos and even more natural in real life.


    You can have a mock up with Skalp too. It gives you an idea of how a hairline will look.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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