Would my head look much better with the treatment?

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    I need to do something

    Bang tidy

    You should go and see the treatment in person, all of the practitioners at Skalp have had the treatment themselves, you can’t beat seeing it with your own eyes, I don’t know what your head looks like but I’ve never seen Skalp do a bad job.


    Have you sent skalp a picture of your head for them to do a virtual picture of how you will look? it gives you a good idea


    Thanks for the replies, guys. I tried uploading a photo of my head, but it was too big, so I reduced the size. My main priority is to camouflage the empty spaces from HT scars. Then, I”m considering a very subtle look. It has to look natural. I’ve been to HIS in NYC a year ago and wasn’t very impressed. The dots seemed to meld into one big blob, and looked very unnatural.


    hey rival. I showed up a little early for one of my treatments and saw someone in NYC who had just undergone a scar camoflauge . The back of his head was quite red but I couldn’t tell he had a scar otherwise. Not sure how bad he started out but according to the guy who had it done he had pretty bad scars.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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