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    Hello Everyone,

    The Scalp Micropigmnetation Industry.

    Over the last few years the number of Scalp Micropigmentation clinics has multiplied from a handful of clinics to well over 100 providers, It was inevitable the industry would get flooded with providers as Scalp Micropigmnetation is a great treatment that really does help people get over the worries of hair loss.

    As with every industry there will be good and bad providers, sadly it looks like some people see this treatment and think that’s looks easy, you just have to do some dots on a clients head and make some easy money, especially as some clinics are now offering 5 day training courses.

    The truth is when you perform a treatment the client will be walking around with your treatment and reputation on their head and anything less than perfect will not do and perfection will not be achieved in 5 days, all of our practitioners are trained for 3 months before we would even consider letting them touch a real clients head.

    We know every clinic has to promote themselves as the being the best which would be fine if they were not dealing with someones head, in the last few months we have seen new clinics claiming to be the world leader in Scalp Micropigmentation before they have even opened a clinic or even treated a single client, some clinics even make there own awards up like most natural treatment etc and award them to themselves, as well as hairdressers, barbers, semi permanent makeup artists, tattooists and transplant clinics now offering the treatment, this treatment is not something that you can just add to your existing treatments or products you offer.

    If you think of it this way you wouldn’t go to a dentist if you had a broken toe just because they both have a medical background, for the same reason you wouldn’t go to a hair transplant clinic or hair dressers to have your Scalp Micropigmentation just because they also deal with hair.

    We know there might be some practitioners that might turn out to be great in the future but in the mean time they are using real clients heads as test dummies and enticing clients in with cheap prices and claiming to offer the most natural results available but delivering terrible results.

    We are happy to fix clients treatments that have been performed by other clinics and are not happy with the results, but they are coming in at an alarming rate, currently we fix more treatments performed by other clinics than any other clinic in the world, it’s all good saying you are best clinic in the world but you have to back this up with happy clients with great treatments not by some clever advertising.

    Yes you can get your treatment done for cheaper at other clinics but is it worth risking your head to save some money, like the saying goes you get what you pay for, with Skalp you have the reassurance of knowing you are in the hands of the most experienced practitioners in the world and we can back up our claims with 1000’s of happy clients.

    If you want a guaranteed natural looking treatment carried out by the real industry leaders we advise you to come to Skalp who only specialise in Scalp Micropigmentation and leave your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment to the experts.

    Hope to see you in a Skalp clinic soon.

    All the best


    Daniel A

    So glad I went with Skalp, to be honest until I found Skalp I wasn’t convinced with any other clinics results and probably wouldn’t of ended up getting it done.


    Hi my name is Roberto. I’m an Italian guy living in Manchester.
    Two months ago I had an appointment at another clinic in Liverpool with someone who said that he had done SMP treatments a few times before and achieved great results.
I looked at his portfolio and all looked good ( am sure there were not his jobs )

    and I was ready to give it a go.
He said he has the best micropigmentation machine-medical grade on the market and most of the SMP clinics can not afford it and also he’s been trained by ” the biggest names in SMP industry” from Birmingham in a quite intensive training.
He said he was building his portfolio and I was his model and he did only charge me £600.00 (normally it would be £2500 plus VAT) on 2 sessions procedure.
I gave him £500.00 and I said I will pay him the rest on my 2nd session.
    Then we have started….
    I was in a lot of pain and at one point, nearly feinted.
I asked him to stop as I was in so much pain. I couldn’t take it anymore!
    He put a vaseline and cling film on my head. When I arrived home I had to put my head under cold water as my scalp was very very painful. The amount of blood that came off my head was unbelievable.
Day after I looked in the mirror and I screamed. It was a disaster (see a photo included-It was taken when I have contacted people from SKALP.
    I went to see Dean and Marcin for a consultation and they put my mind at ease. They said it will take a bit of time to remove my bad treatment but they will be able to fix it.
    Let’s be honest guys! You can’t be an expert of the SMP after a few days of training. Marcin and Dean said they were trained for 3 months and it took them another 2 months before they were left alone with a client! I feel so low today but I hope there will be a happy end soon…..


    This is the exact reason I went with Skalp, you can’t beat real experience, It doesn’t look good at the moment Dylon to be honest, but once you get some removed the Skalp boys will be able to sort you out


    Hello my name is Babar and I would like to thank Leon at the Harley st clinic very nice people for the newbies it a little pain but no to much my treatment has finished and it has made me youthful again thank you skalp.


    A specialist is always preferred when it comes to such hair transplant procedures, because the last thing you want in planet earth is having to do a restorative surgery on the place you have already treated. Saraswat Hospital, Agra has American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery certified special doctors who can easily work with you to find the best solution to your problem and give you the rests you have been wanting.

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