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    Not had any touch ups since
    As I said it’s just over 4 years since I started treatment
    That was feb 2014 and last one was June 2015!
    So it’s almost 3 years since last session
    I keep thinking about it , my missus says it’s fine
    I Know it’s a big decision , but changed my life 100%

    in reply to: 4 year update #45213

    Thank you

    in reply to: Today’s the day #44604

    Hi Dorrico only just seen this post , not posted on here for a long time .i was going to start a new thread , as it’s 4 yrs since my 1st trearmemt
    Email me if you wAnt to

    in reply to: Manchester Open Days in November #31961

    Hi skalp
    Is this open to us old clients who have already had the treatment
    My first session was feb 2014
    Be an excuse to have a check up and a brew
    Are we able to bring our partners as well


    I’m in Wigan
    Anyone fancy a meet up email me

    in reply to: Undecided #31846

    hi dan
    were are you having consultation ,
    if you are close to me . we can have a meet up if you want

    in reply to: Today’s the day #31823

    So we’re are you

    in reply to: Today’s the day #31820

    Hi red4life
    Thanks for the comments
    Happy to meet up, I’m in Wigan
    Same goes for anyone else who wants to meet up any time
    If you want to email me we can swap phone numbers

    in reply to: advice on Pre treatment #31780

    Most people Nivea after sun
    I’m not keen on the scent plus
    I have to be careful due to my skin
    I like the Vaseline lotion
    The one in the yellow bottle
    I also love pure coconut oil, a bit greasy but helped me a lot
    Depending on how much hair you have left you will pro ally need to go closer than a zero following treatment, you get used to it
    I didn’t like wet shaving , but it enable even shave , but I started getting shave spots
    Having already spent money on 2 shavers that were not that good I was reluctant to spend any more, but series 7 was a big step up
    And an excellent shaver

    in reply to: advice on Pre treatment #31767

    Hi Mathew85
    Had my first treatment feb2014
    Mine was max price of 3k
    I had the cash for it but decided to leave it in the bank and take the interest free credit
    Worked out about £229 a month over 12 months
    With regards to pre treatment, best to shave head in advance
    This helps you get used to a shaved head
    And apply plenty moisuriser
    Need to get scalp in top condition
    Mine wasn’t due to psoriasis, and I had more treatments than normal
    And it took me longer to get there
    But Skalp stuck with me and we got there
    With regards to after treatment , you will find out what works best for you
    I’ve done em all, wet shave , electric razor
    And I used to do a combination of both , but about 2 months ago I decided to buy the excellent braun series 7 shaver ,
    Not cheap at around £180 but does an excellent job,
    My Remington did not even come close

    in reply to: Confidence in treatment – thanks Marcin #31710

    These are excellent SPF hats
    A bit pricey but discounted in go outdoors
    And if you are NHS staff you get discount

    They even come with there own instruction manuals as well as a lifetime warranty

    Had mine on all day today
    They have all sorts of designs to choose from

    in reply to: Scar Treatment at Skalp. #31697

    I guess between us, we caused Skalp a few headaches,
    We had a lot of ups and downs but they never gave up on me
    So I bet when they saw someone else with psoriasis , they thought oh no not again LOL,
    But seriously I don’t think I would have got same level of service had I gone elsewhere ,
    And I would probably have gotten a bad treatment
    So I’m thankful I made the right choice and went to a company who treat you well and look after you rather than just taking money off you
    Look forward to seeing more pics once it settles

    in reply to: Scar Treatment at Skalp. #31694

    wow them scars looked bad
    id be sueing them for what they have done,
    nice cover up job. Skalp really made them vanish
    as the weeks months pass you will get an idea if you need more treatments, but looking at them pics it looks like an excellent result
    is that all you had done or did you get other areas covered as well

    in reply to: Great experience #31688

    hi stevojl82
    glad to see you are happy with treatment
    you were in good hands at manchester
    I had a lot more treatment than most people,
    this was due to my bad skin with psoriasis
    Skalp looked after me from start to finish,
    my journey was a rollercoaster and my 2nd treatment was cut short due to scalp breaking up.
    but Skalp stuck with me and we got there in the end.
    so don’t worry about extra treatments. scalp won’t go over the top and make your treatment look false,
    they will only do what is needed. so best to leave it to them .
    im a bit confused by your story, are you saying you had laser growth therapy or laser to remove a failed smp treatment elsewhere

    in reply to: A few qustions before my treatment #31681

    I’d say the series 7 is like a wet shave feel
    Does not las quite as long but is an excellent shaver
    3 speed as well
    It also works great on my face
    About 3 years ago I had laser eye treatment and the next day treated myself to an expensive pair of ray ban sunglasses
    So spending 3k on your scalp deserves the best shaver
    Best price was Argos
    Wish I’d bought it from day 1 instead of buying 2 cheaper inferior shavers

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