Gay culture and the shaven head


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Gay culture and the shaven head, do they go hand in hand?

No-one would argue with the fact that the fashion of the shaven head is going to be here for a long time to come. It crosses both genders most ethnic backgrounds, has been adopted by some our most popular celebrities and sports personalities. In a very short period it has acquired a whole new symbolism in culture. No more is it a symbol of aggression, criminality or waywardness. The bald head can be seen as a sign of intellectual and artistic bearing as well as maturity, warmth and masculinity.

In other words it has lost that stereotypical presentation that used to be so prevalent in the 1970’s. Baldness is a fashion statement that not only reflects an accepted culture but also voices an individual’s unique personality and character. It is also a style that has been very much accepted by the gay community.

Where did the fashion begin?

It is certainly true that more gay men began to opt for the shaven head look in the eighties. Historians will say in a hundred years that this is down to the fact that this was a lot to do with the appearance of Aids in the 1980’s. Blair Lawford, proprietor of Blair Hair in New York City agreed with these thoughts when he was interviewed on his website. He commented that when Aids was becoming a pandemic in the early 80’s, and young fashionable men were receiving treatment which led to hair loss, they did what most men do now when confronted with the problem of thinning hair: they shaved it all off.

Because these guys were also at the centre of the fashion world and the gay scene, it created a sub culture that has grown today in its own right and has no connections with where it started. It simply integrated with the budding culture of the shaven head in the straight world as celebrities like Bruce Willis, Van Diesel, and Samuel L. Jackson began to lead the way.


The shaven head is “Uberhip”

Now, both in the gay world and in straight fashion the bald head – to use Blair Lawford’s words – are “Uberhip”.  In his salon he finds it is a great art and a fine skill when discussing whether a shaven head will suit the customer or not. He uses such factors and aspects as shape of face, head and even body to help give styling advice.

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