Giving something good back to the US


Scary pumpkin to Halloween

At the end of last month we were over in America passionately setting up our spanking new Skalp™ Micro Pigmentation clinic in New York. I have to say getting the chance to spend some real time taking in the sights, sounds and pure ambience of this legendary city was an absolute joy. To be taking Micro Pigmentation across the pond at the same time was indeed a proud moment.

Giving something back

It kind of makes a change for us Brits to be sending something fashionable (and a solution to a health matter at the time – hair loss) to the US for a change. Over the last few decades it always seems to be America who is leaders in fashion, geniuses in the technological world, and at the hub of the celebrity culture who pass things over to us. But this time we think Skalp™ is going to conquer the US.

Many things that come over from the US are welcomed with open arms (iPad’s, PC’s, social media, etc), some have mixed reviews (Fast food halls, Capitalism etc) and some…well the verdict is still out.

Everyone’s looking for pumpkins and strange costumes!

Halloween is probably one of the latter. You either love it or you hate it. We have always had it in the UK but the US has kind of turned it into an event rather than just a date on the calendar.

Just like Xmas start early here in the UK, the excitement of Halloween starts early in the US. When I was over in New York helping to set up the new Micro Pigmentation clinic it was great to see the buzz that goes on at this time of the year as families prepare for one of their biggest days. And believe it or not they still put more effort into it than us!

From pumpkins and skeleton costumes to trick or treating and broomsticks no expense is spared in the US. And it’s not just a time for the kids – the parents dress up as well and party while the little one are ready to look cute behind masks of sunken eyes and dribbling blood.

Making the most of your pumpkin

In the UK the insides of a pumpkin is extracted and then it is simply put in the porch with a candle in it (still unsure why?). More often we will actually buy the pumpkin ready sculpted (they are called Jack o’ lanterns in the US). In the US the sculpting of the pumpkin is a fun event and there is a whole load of recipes to use it for – to be eaten of course on Halloween eve. From pumpkin and maple spiced lattes and pumpkin Panini to pumpkin butter and pumpkin slice cashew dip – anything goes and it is usually pretty delicious.

I guess we will eventually love Halloween just as much as the Americans once we get less frightened of it. And I have a good feeling the US is going to take to Micro Pigmentation for hair loss in a big way once they understand it.

In the meantime I’ll just have another piece of pumpkin pie.

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