GQ editor decides to go bald


GQ editor decides to go baldLeap of faith

How do you know a new fashion is really, well and truly in? Well, one big thumbs up is when the editor of a Men’s magazine starts trumpeting how fantastic it looks because he has taken it on himself. GQ editor has not only shaved his head to go bald but in an interview reported in the Huff Post he has a message for all those guys struggling with thinning hair.

Jon Wilde seems like a very contented man who, through going bald has brought about a real sense of control in his life. Jon really believes that making that move to the shaven head is vital for men with thinning hair – and now it has never been a better time to change because it is so fashionable. He encourages the shaven look because otherwise guys are simply slaves to masking the inevitable. Thinning hair (unless you are lucky enough to find some way of halting the follicle depreciation) will eventually lead to baldness.

So make that giant leap now and you will be pleasantly surprised. That I think is his message.

He told Huff Post Journalist Marc Lamont Hill “I gotta say, I feel 20 times more dignified and confident with my hair this short and kind of steering into the skid that is losing my hair, than sitting there and trying to make sure the 17 hairs I had on the top of my head were covering what I needed it to.”

And in the same breathe he advocates the same for guys who are in the same position as himself: “To any guy who’s thinking of shaving it all off or cutting it way down: go for it,” he urged. “It’s probably going to feel better than waking up every day and wishing your hair was not what it is.”

That extra touch with Micro Pigmentation

We are with you on this one Jon – here at Skalp® we would like to congratulate you on your new hairstyle and echo your own feelings about how taking control of thinning hair can often boost a man’s physical appearance and subsequently his spiritual, and mental well-being. So many of our clients have spoken about how making that change has led to renewed self-confidence and new opportunities in life.

Of course, with Scalp Micro Pigmentation we offer a service that makes that change even easier. Micro Pigmentation is especially for men (and women) who wish to appear as if they do not have thinning hair and it comprises the application of a tattoo in line with your normal hairline. The astounding results are a look which is fabulously fashionable and can take years off you!

Stop waiting for the inevitable!


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