The Great British ‘Bald’ Off – Pudding Scandal!


The Great British ‘Bald’ Off – Pudding Scandal!

The latest episode of The Great British Bake off has left viewers in a state of outrage last night and today! A scandal involving a ‘over-baked’ Alaska that had been taken out of the freezer and left for contestant Ian Wattins to find instead, a melted pile of cream.

A moment of rage soon saw the pudding being thrown into the bin by Ian who then stormed out of the cooking tent. When asked to present his masterpiece by judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollwood he had nothing to present but the bin. The meltdown resulting in loosing his place on the show.

The popular BBC program has received a lot of press from social media and fans that have jumped to Ian’s defence with the #bincident and #JusticeforIan trending on twitter. The blame has been shoved onto fellow contestant Janice who is seen taking the Alaska out of the freezer to fit in her own. But weather the way the show has been edited so make Janice the ‘Ice-Cream Villain’ is down to the viewers to decide.

Filmed in the height of the summer heat wave and under so much pressure contestants often loose their cool. But we cant help but notice perhaps all the stress has gotten to a few of the bakers, with 3 of the males looking a bit, well bald on top! Though what they lack in hair growth they certainly make up for in pudding skills, with all three still safe in the competition!


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