Guys get rid of unwanted hair…as painlessly as possible!


Guys get rid of unwanted hair…as painlessly as possible!

Removing hair from man leg teacher and trainee

For some people – and they are usually female – waxing is a doddle. It is ok for women – they have grown up with the terrors of pulling off a waxing strip – guys have only just entered this rather bizarre world and are finding it pretty nasty. But the good news is in an era where the fashion for both sexes is to have beautiful hairless skin in just about every area, waxing isn’t the only way to reach the desired end. Here are 6 ways to be super smooth this summer.

But let’s get the most painful out of the way first. (ouch!)


Well, the fairer sex will tell you waxing is not so primitive as it used to be. No longer is it sticky and gooey anymore, nowadays specially prepared cloth is layered over cream. This does not necessarily make it any the less painful (depending on where you are doing it). It can take 10 minutes to about an hour and a treatment is likely to last 6 weeks. Waxing done badly can cause infection so make sure you have it done by a professional.


From the sublime to the ridiculous – a method that is just down every guy’s street. This is something we have mastered and in most cases are pretty good at. Whether it is chin, upper lip, scalp, or legs this is traditional and doable. You can choose from between an electric razor and a manual razor but you are probably going to have to use a small ladies razor for those close corners, edges and fiddly bits the further down you go. However, is shaving viable for a whole body project? Probably not. There are areas which are just going to be out of reach, shaving isn’t always the fastest and effective method, and for those areas we tend not to mention it could well be a little dangerous…

Laser Hair removal

The laser’s light energy penetrates the hair shaft and kills the hair root. Naturally this slows down hair growth without killing the hair follicle and so treatment results last a fairly long time – i.e. you may just need a top up every 6 months or so. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and usually around 8 treatments are needed.


Ok. I’ve never liked needles either so this kind of stuff sends chills down my hairy back as well. Tiny electric shocks are sent down the needle killing the cells that are actually making the hair. It can take up to a year of weekly 10-20 minute sessions depending on how much hair you are trying to remove, so if you are looking to test it out, it may be a good idea to start with small areas such as eyebrows and neck.

Back shavers

These do exactly what they say they do. The blades are an inch and a half and they have hinged handles which are sometimes as long as a foot. With a well-placed mirror they allow you to shave between your back and shoulders. As much as this can be a very inexpensive method of shaving your back results are unlikely to last long (few days at most) and can be a little hit and miss.

Depilatories/cream hair removers

The chemicals in the cream or gel attacks the proteins in the hair and dissolves them. It can be applied via a home kit or in a professional salon but beware that the chemicals can be extremely harsh – many have found that the skin around the brow and genital area are far too sensitive for this treatment.

Skalp® Micro Pigmentation offers a great service for people struggling with hair loss or who just want to join the bald fashion trend and look their very best. Trained practitioners apply pigments to the scalp so it appears as if you have a full head of hair – but cut fashionably short.

Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in New York, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, Marbella, Milan and Amsterdam.

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