Men: Our top tips for everyday hair care


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Men: Our top tips for everyday hair care

Many guys mistakenly believe that they have no control over their own hair – it is how it is and that’s it – but the fact is not everything bad that happens to your hair is down to illness or hereditary complaints. You can make sure your hair is strong, virile and looking good by putting in that extra care and giving just a little more time.

Using a hair dryer

First of all, watch that hair dryer. As much as it is going to save you time, it could also damage your hair if you use it too often and if the heat is too high. It tends to make your hair brittle. A way of getting around this is to allow your hair to dry a little first on its own. This will give your hair more body. Then when you are using the hair dryer turn it down a couple of notches. It is all going to take a little bit longer, but at least you will have a full head of hair when you have finished.

Swimmers beware

As much as chlorine can keep your hair hygienically clean it can also make it brittle. Apparently chlorine chemically bonds with the proteins in the hair and causes the cuticle – the hair’s protective outer layer – to lift, which makes hair dry, brittle and dull. A good way of getting around this effect is to wash your hair in cold water before you get in the pool. The water will dilute the chlorine.

Washing your hair

Avoid over-washing your hair. Once or twice a week is enough. If you wash your hair too much it could lead to dryness (as you wash out the natural oils) and again leave the hair brittle and dull.

Towel drying

Drying your hair with a towel? That’s good, but you need to be careful here too. Vigorous rubbing can lead to damage, broken hair and split ends. So – and again this is about giving yourself more time – pat your hair dry. This is a sure way to care for your hair.

Scalp care

Your scalp is intrinsic to good hair care. If you do not look after your scalp, your hair will suffer. Now here’s the nice bit! There is nothing better for your scalp than a bit of head massage to get the blood circulating and feeding your hair follicles. Now that’s relaxing – especially if your nearest and dearest is happy to do it for you…

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