Hair growth and Caffeine



For many years now it has been thought that caffeine enriched shampoos can hold the cure to male hair loss. Everybody knows that caffeine is a stimulant drug but how will it give me a luscious thick mane?

A chemical called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes nearly all male pattern baldness and androgenic alopecia. DHT is triggered by the male hormone testosterone, too much of this chemical weakens the sensitive hair follicles causing them to shrink, and stunt the body’s production of hair.

The international association of dermatology in a recent research study showed that caffeine could in fact help prevent the thinning / loss of hair. This is because caffeine not only stops the negative effects from testosterone and DHT hormones, but can actually help stimulate the development of hair follicles.

Alpecin is the number one caffeine shampoo on the market, amongst with many others. However there are some doubts about such shampoos and wether the external scalp application of caffeine is enough to have any significant affect on hair follicle growth. Many have even been said to take years to have a noticeable outcome on the appearance of your mop. So is there a quicker way?

Unfortunately, consumption of caffeine through coffee and energy drinks isn’t the quick fix answer to your balding troubles either. Scientists estimate up to 60 cups a day would have to be consumed for enough to reach the hair follicles (via daily mail).

Have you ever tired any for these caffeine shampoos? Do they really work? We would love to know what you think.  Our forum is a great place to talk


bald man with coffee but no hair growth

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