Hair loss and baldness: Let’s talk about it!


Nicht hren, sehen, sprech

There is no doubt that thinning hair, hair loss and baldness can all cause a loss of self-esteem and knock self-confidence. However, no one pays attention to these feelings because hair loss is not discussed openly and seriously in polite conversation. Even now that baldness has become a hot fashion statement for guys – thinning hair is still too often remains just a jokey subject for men. It is never really taken seriously. But times are changing

It is great news that in the 21st century hair loss is much more accepted. Not as an inadequacy that people try to ignore and skate around in conversation but it is treated as a subject that needs to be raised. Why? The fact is we are all much more informed about how hair loss affects us – not just physically – but psychologically as well. At the same time science has moved forward and there are now some great ways to deal with hair loss which were not available before. It is no longer a taboo subject.

Also the overall perception of baldness has changed. Whereas baldness always used to represent “the villain” or “the ruthless tough guy” it has a much more acceptable place in modern culture. The new shaved head fashion (especially for men over thirty) has taken the world by storm. Led by some of our most popular celebrities in sport, the movies and the arts, it does not raise an eyebrow now to see a bald head. It has become quite the norm where men shave their heads to be in style rather than just deal with a hair loss problem.

In fact, body baldness has become symbolic of what is “sexy” in a man. The days of hairy chests, backs and arms are well and truly over. A man who waxes is likely to get the blood racing and the bald head seems to now be an extension of this concept.

So as baldness and hair loss becomes a central part of fashion – it is being discussed – it is bringing the whole issue of hair loss and how it affects men holistically, out into the open. There is a great blog that reflects this that we love at Skalp™ because it sincerely tells the story of the bald guy and how he copes in modern times. offers some great insights as to how the author (Milan) dealt with his own hair loss as a young man and then goes on to use those experiences to offer excellent advice for others.

And the starting point for dealing with hair loss is being open about it – and realising baldness really is attractive.

Skalp™ Micro Pigmentation offers a treatment whereby pigments are added to scalp that mirror hair growth and replace the lost hairline. The tattoo makes the shaven head look even more fashionable as now it appears that you have shaved your hair and are not suffering from hair loss.

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