Hair loss can be stopped!



Can you stop hair loss be stopped? And how?

After the first few hairs begin to appear on the pillow first thing in the morning, many men and women assume with a dejected heart that they must give into the inevitable. It is very true that hair loss can be hereditary but it should also be taken into account that our daily relationship with our environments, what we eat, our moods, and even how you wear your hair can have an influence on whether hair loss is triggered at all in our lives. One thing is for certain in most cases you can slow down or stop it now!


Medical treatments

Aches, pains and irritations will no doubt send us running to the Doctor. But for some reason those first signs of thinning hair never seems to call for medical advice. The fact is the earlier treatment can be started, the more likely you are to halt it in its tracks. Your GP will ask you if hair loss is in the family so he can determine if the reasons are clinical.

If so drugs can be prescribed such as Rogaine and Propecia. Many have found surprisingly positive results from these drugs which help to balance hormone levels, but with the latter drug mentioned please be aware research has shown a great deal of issues around side effects.


Are you taking any other drugs?

Talking of drugs, be aware of the side effects of all the other drugs you are taking for other complaints. Side effects from drugs may cause hair loss. So if you suddenly start losing your hair, ask yourself could this be to do with new drugs you have started taking? If so consult your doctor about alternatives.


Is fashion affecting your hairline?

Many are not aware that how you actually fashion your hair could have a detrimental effect on a receding hairline and accelerate baldness. If you have braids or tie your hair back tightly away from the face it could lead to “Traction Alopecia”. So how much do you need to those braids? Think seriously about keeping your hair in braids over long periods.


Stop pulling your hair out…

Stress and trauma are both triggers for hair loss. The solution for this is far more subtle and takes place over a long period of time – counselling. But cultivating a relaxing way of life where you give back to yourself can also be very important. Physical disciplines such as yoga are great for relieving the stress of the day.


You are what you eat

Your hair loss could be to do with what you eat – or should I say what you are not eating. Hair loss can be triggered by vitamin deficiency. This can be brought about by a leaky gut, issues with the small intestine, or just a poor diet. Deficiencies in vitamin B, Iron and protein are thought to have the most detrimental effect. Take a look at your diet. What can you change?


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