Why is hair loss more likely to be prevalent in Middle Eastern cities?


Is hair loss more prevalent in the Middle East?

This almost sounds like the opening line from a joke or a bit of a trick question. But it is in fact true. There is a factor about the lifestyle in the Middle East that is likely to make your hair fall out faster than if you were living anywhere else in the world. It is also apparent that if you are in the lower classes you are more likely to have thinning hair than if you were wealthy.

Let me explain…

It’s all to do with the water. In an effort to create drinkable water in a very dry region of the world the authorities and commercial enterprise process seawater and brackish water which would otherwise be undrinkable. It is undrinkable because it contains salt which strangely and paradoxically dehydrates the human body. So desalination as it is called, removes the salt from water and creates fresh drinking water.

An increase in minerals in the water causes issues

Apparently though, scientists have found that desalinated water does in fact facilitate hair loss. The problem is how the desalinated water is distributed through pipelines as this is when the PPM (Particles per Million) is likely to increase beyond an acceptable level. PPM is actually a measure of TDS (Total Dissolved solids) which includes minerals such as magnesium, nitrate, potassium, and calcium which are found in water. The TDS increases to such a density the hair loss as a complaint results.

Excessive calcium especially can damage the hair in the following ways:

As an example, the PPM of desalinated water in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region registers around 100-150, while standard treated water registers between 40-50 PPM in most western countries. This is where the class difference comes in because according to recent statistics, individuals with high incomes are more likely to import potable water whereas the mid to low income bracket families are more likely to have to buy the local desalinated water.

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