Hair loss myth no. 783: Curry prevents hair loss


Curry prevents hair loss: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was true?

It’s almost on the same level as “beer, chocolate and full English breakfasts help you lose weight”. No reason to go to the doctors – when you are worried your hair is thinning all you need to do is order a Chicken Tikka Masala from your local Indian takeaway.

When I read this little-known bit of “click-bait” in an article on the internet this week, I have to say I was filled with hope. Like many others, I wanted to believe it was true. In a feverish desire to filter out the facts I found myself skipping merrily through the article dreaming of the times I was going for a drink followed up with a blow-out down my favourite Indian restaurant – without any speck of a guilty conscience.

But as much I squinted and tried to ignore the facts I had to admit, even a complete idiot would have to fall for the fact that curries were the new way to keep your locks in place. I was not impressed. Disappointment on this level is a heavy thing to take when you are losing hair like I am and love Indian food just as much.

Why do it? Just to fill out space? To sponsor a new product? Do they really think this will bring a new boom time to Rohgan Josh? The article wasn’t even advertising any special food or food ingredient.

Apparently, the facts around this concept are so thin on the ground, anyone could see it was absolute nonsense. It seems a nutritionist in Japan, came to the conclusion that curries have hair restoration benefits due to the fact that there is a loss percentage of baldness in these Asian countries.

That’s it.

No scientific experiments using a cross section of the population, no in-depth surveys, no test tubes, no bunson burners, no nothing. Apparently, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Only it isn’t and it never ceases to amaze me how many people fall for this nonsense scattered over the web. At best, it is useless information. At worst, it could be psychologically, financially and physically damaging. These ridiculous myths prevent people finding a real solution to their problems – it wastes untold energy and time when they could be getting on with their lives.

If you are afraid you are losing your hair start at the best place – with a GP. He can tell you what you can and what you cannot do. Once you have the real facts you can make a choice.

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