Hair Style Ideas for Balding Men


Comb-Over-Fails-14You might think that going bald is one of those things you don’t have the power to change. Not true!

Needless to say the worst way to deal with anything in life that worries you is to be inactive about it and hair loss is included in this. At Skalp our micropigmentation offers a fantastic way to make that change that will make you happy as our testimonials show.

Additionally, there are a number of different sorts of hair styles that also work well with a balding look. Here are some tips for styling your hair, even though you may have less of it.

Rule 1: Short

The first rule of hair loss is, ensure you keep your hair short as this minimises the appearance of balding. Our treatment offers this style, making you look like you have a shaved hair and that’s the reason it works. Short hair makes it look like you have more hair than you do and removes other peoples’ focus on your bald spots and hair loss. That’s enough to make you feel better, isn’t it?

Buzz Cut

Short, to the point, tidy and looks great on most men, the buzz cut is a great option and works especially well if your hair is starting to thin on your crown or near the neckline. It looks edgy, tidy and has a touch of the rugged to it. Our micropigmentation tends to create the buzz cut style and as it’s a style that suits most men is one of the reasons for the success of our treatment.

Clean Shaven

Some men like the completely bald look and go clean shaven. There are certainly benefits to this in terms of not having to style hair or wash it and it does suit some men. This hair style really depends on you and what you feel works for you and your look.

Shaggy Layers

If your hair is only beginning to thin, but hasn’t really begun to do so notably, then you can get away with shaggy layers. Any good barber will perform this and create uneven layers in your hair that give you a slightly dishevelled look that’s great for hiding thinning hair.

Facial Hair

Facial hair doesn’t suit everyone, but if you are the sort of person who can rock it then it can be a great aid and help take a lot of focus off thinning hair. Beards and moustaches tend to draw attention to your face and away from your head, something a lot of men with thinning hair enjoy.

Comb over – Never!

The comb over is a terrible idea and something that should never be attempted by anyone under any circumstance. If you really want to get our backs up, why not try and add a pony tail too to compensate for a lack of hair at the front of your head – not a good look.

If you don’t know what you want and your hair is thinning, why not book a consultation with our friendly specialists and we can discuss whether our fantastic treatment would work for you.

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