A hair transplant for Prince Harry?



Getting the truth about exactly what is happening on a daily basis in the royal household is difficult enough, to get feedback about how high profile royals are thinking about their personal life and what they are intending to do is even more difficult – and gold-dust to the media. So it is no wonder that the latest hot news that Prince Harry is horrified about the loss of his hair and is thinking about having a hair transplant is being taken with caution and quite a large pinch of salt.

Who’s the source?

The news apparently raised its head in the CelebDirtyLaundry (charming name which gives you an idea of the possible standards and level of reporting here). Whereas they have come up with some unique and great stories in the past their reporting on the Royals is known to have been a bit hit and miss. The news was originally in the Globe.

However there is no getting away from the fact that most of the lads in the current royal line up (specifically Prince Charles, Prince William and of course Prince Harry) are definitely keeping a stiff upper lip when the subject of thinning hair is raised. They are all losing their hair in the same place (across the crown) and for the two young Princes, as with all of us guys, it brings with it the stigma of age and all the other stuff.

So it may well be likely our playboy prince is getting a bit under the colour about his disappearing locks, though their certainly is no shortage of pretty young maidens likely to be knocking on his door.

Advice from Gordon Ramsay

Apparently, the alleged source at CelebDirtyLaundry has commented that Prince Harry is horrified at losing his hair and is currently taking advice from Gordon Ramsey who apparently has waged his own war against hair loss. He has also been using a Rogaine style product in an effort to prevent his hair loss getting any worse. The source goes onto say that Harry is now considering a hair transplant in case he starts losing his hair like his brother.

Well, we have little evidence for this idea one way or another. There is no question that as a young single guy with a bottomless pit of money at his fingertips, he could certainly have the latest hair transplant techniques at his fingertips…or at his follicles. Bu the fact is – does this sound like our rough and ready Harry? Our action packed Harry who seems to give little thought to his appearance? True, his red locks are a trademark but as far as his thinning hair hampering his hunt for future suitors – well, we think that’s a bit silly.

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