Which hair transplant procedure?


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Which hair transplant procedure?

There are different hair transplant procedures on the market. Which one is right for you. Hair transplants have become a popular way to deal with the ever present problem of hair loss and thinning hair. Its processes, success rates and costs tend to be a little shrouded in mystery because if you do go for it you do not particularly want everyone to know you have had it done. At Skalp, even though our primary concern is scalp micro pigmentation, our aim is to offer as much information as possible to our customers about all kinds of options. This is the only way clients can make a real informed decision about their hair requirements.

Also remember micro pigmentation or hair tattoos can also benefit in the whole process of your hair transplant. See below.

So what happens with hair transplants? What is the process? Basically there are two types of hair transplant procedure you can go for: “Strip Transplant Procedure” and “Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure” or FUE. Both have their pros and cons so let’s look at them one at a time.

Strip Transplant Procedure

In this procedure the technician attempts to facilitate the growth of the hair before actually integrating it into the bald patch. Also simply known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) in some parts of the world, the hair is harvested at first in a thin layer of strip which bears the hair follicles. The strips are then dissected into grafts in order for placement on the balding area.

The Pros of this procedure

One of the main advantages with this process is speed. Quicker than the FUE system a large number of grafts can be harvested and implanted in a very short period. Statistics show that less damage is done to the growing hairs so it is more likely they will thrive. You would not have to completely shave your head with FUT and in generally it tends to cost less than FUE.

And the cons?

The one major risk with this form of treatment is it could leave scarring. This is a result of the task known as “Edge closure”. Having said that, new advanced techniques allow practitioners to minimise scars using the Tricophytic Closure technique.

Follicular Unit extraction Procedure

This is probably the more advanced of the two methods. In this process hairs are actually extracted from the sides and the back of the head. This means there is no need for any cuts or sutures during the treatment.

So what’s so great about FUE?

With this treatment there is first of all no scarring which has to be good. It can also be painless as there is no involvement of skin layer to harvest and grafts are removed individually. Also the recovery period of 4/5 days is a lot faster than the FUT method.

So where’s the rub?

First of all as we stated above, more expensive and, unlike the FUT process survival rate of the novice hairs is likely to be a lot less due to direct removal of follicles with a special punch. If this process is not facilitated with the utmost expertise you may find the donor area appears thinner than it should do.

At Skalp can offer Scalp Micro pigmentation treatments so that there is not a sudden jump from having no hair to point where your hair replacement is taking hold. Click here to learn more


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