Hair Transplants gone wrong


In recent news a man from the USA has had a breast implant (yes, an actual breast implant!) fitted to the back of his head to fix a hair transplant that went badly wrong.

A lot of men who have had hair transplants are left with horrendous scars on the back of their heads. And more often than not still no hair to conceal it.

The American named was called Mike, whose story was featured on the TV show ‘Botched’. As a personal trainer in Los angles he fell victim to the pressure of keeping up appearances. It started in his early 20s, leaving him with a balding head that caused low self-esteem. Eventually Mike decided to go ahead with a hair transplant to fix his receding hairline, but would later regret it!

This story highlights just how badly hair transplants can go, not only was Mike was promised an 80% fullness on the front of his Scalp but absolutely no scaring. On the day, instead of receiving the correct anesthesia administration, he was given pain pills!

The failed hair transplant left him with a scar 11 inches on the back of his head. “It looks like shark bit my head off!” he explained.

In an attempt to fix the large scaring across his head, two surgeons in the USA placed a breast implant in the scar tissue area and filled it with saline under general anesthetic. The idea was to stretch out the skin around the scar tissue, as he was previously left with not only a massive scar but also very tight skin around the scar tissue.

Eventually the saline bag was removed and the area stitched up, though the doctors warned it would take time before results were seen, as mikes head had a lot of swelling. Luckily, the surgery seems to have worked and Dr. Nassif informing that “It closed beautifully without any tension”.

If all a size B cup in the back of your head doesn’t seem like your ideal way to cover a hair transplant scar, scalp micro-pigmentation might just be. Safe, with minimal pain and little down time, medical hair tattoos have been successfully concealing FUE, and Strip scars for years. Why not book a free consultation at Skalp to see for yourself.



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