Top 5 Reasons for Hairline Micropigmentation in NYC


Top 5 Reasons for Hairline Micropigmentation in NYC

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Hair loss is devastating for most men. They feel helpless and without control thinking that there is no solution but to accept it. However, being 2018, it just so happens that there are options often overlooked to help with hair loss. One method is known as scalp micropigmentation – but what are the benefits of micropigmentation in NYC?

1.         Non-surgical procedure

The first thing that you learn when you work with an expert in micropigmentation NYC or around the country is that there’s no surgical process involved.  The process is also known as a medical hairline tattoo applying natural pigments to the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles.  There’s no risk of scarring like some types of hair transplant surgery. At times this can work in conjunction with an FUE hair transplant to cover areas with this hair.

2.        Permanent effect

Unlike many cosmetic procedures, there’s no need to repeat the treatment once complete.  Only 2-3 visits to that expert in micropigmentation NJ and you won’t be going back – it has a permanent effect.  The procedure is also quick. It’s an outpatient procedure that may last roughly 3 hours. The professional and his or her special pen-like instrument do the work.  You should always work with a specialist, however, to ensure you get a high quality, reliable finish.

3.         Low maintenance

Because scalp micropigmentation is a permanent solution to a receding hairline, there’s little maintenance needed.  You do want to keep the hair in a similar cut to make sure the area treated looks the same as the rest of the scalp.  But otherwise, there’s nothing really to do for the treatment to keep working.

4.        Look freshly cut

Micropigmentation is a brilliant way to restore hairlines for partially bald men and women.  It gives that freshly cut look as if you have just been the barber to have your head shaved because it can be made to restore the hairline to its original place.  It can be used to simulate a full front, side or rear hairline. Imagine what your hair used to look like in your twenties at the prime of hair health.


a virtual hairline mock-up of scalp micropigmentation in nyc

Get your personal virtual hairline mock-up here.

5.        Nobody will be able to tell

The process of micropigmentation NYC and around the world helps to offset the stigma and loss of confidence that happens when we lose our hair.  The human head has some 2000 hairs per square inch and when these start to fail, it can affect our self-confidence and mood.  However, by using a scalp micropigmentation treatment, you can restore the look, and nobody will be able to tell this isn’t natural when done well.

Restore your scalp with micropigmentation in NYC

Micropigmentation is an ideal way for partly and nearly bald people to restore the look of their scalp and combat the genetic loss of hair that many of us suffer from.  The treatment is quick and permanent with low maintenance and there’s no way that people can tell you have had the treatment just by looking at you.  Keep that freshly cut look and your ideal hairline for as long as you want it.

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