Has that bald shine become a bit of a glare?


Has that bald shine become a bit of a glare?

One of the great things about going for the new fashionable bald look is you no longer have to worry about managing hairstyles. You can at last say goodbye to keeping up with the latest hair fashion, keeping it all trimmed and tidy at the barbers, paying out extortionate sums to your local hairdresser and spending endless hours managing your hair during the day. For those with thinning hair or hair loss it goes without saying that the changes to everyday life are not only physical but emotional and spiritual as well – in a very positive way.

But that doesn’t mean your cool new bald pate doesn’t need taking care of.

 You may not have as many options and you will probably have a good deal more cash in your back pocket, but you still need to ensure that super-sexy shaven style is always kept healthy and looking its best.

Taking care of your new bald look now takes minutes and not too much effort, instead of hours and a great deal of underlying stress. But one of the problems a lot of guys don’t think about is how shiny their scalp can become. This is where you just need to give up some time every day to make sure that new shine isn’t causing your friends to squint.

Important after Scalp Micro Pigmentation

This is especially true after Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment. The effect we are trying to give is one of a bald pate but with hair follicles still growing. If the scalp is too shiny then it won’t look as natural as it could be in the real world where hair follicles tend to deflect the sun’s rays.

So here are a few tips to turn down the glare this summer:

  1. If you still have a growth of hair, shave against the grain. This is more likely to leave a thin layer of hair which will help to disperse the sun’s rays on the scalp – the effect will not be so intense.
  2. For the same reasons it may be better to use an electric razor as they are not so effective as a wet razor and so are likely to leave a short length of hair behind.
  3. Sometimes oils you place on the scalp can reflect the light even more. Moisturizers are important for healthy scalps so don’t stop your daily cleansing routine, but it may be more useful to apply just before going to bed instead of during the day.
  4. The scalp also produces its own oils. Frequent washing will cut down the amount of oil produced – but be careful. You don’t want the scalp to get too dry as this may cause the scalp to create even more oil. Get into the habit of carrying easy wipes for ease of use.
  5. In the same way sweat can reflect light too so have your easy wipes or a handkerchief available to deal with any unexpected situations.

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