Heads Up – Our reviews.


skalp smp treatment result

Heads Up – Our treatment reviews.

Not that we want to blow our own trumpet but we thought we would let you know what follically challenged people, just like you, thought about us. Here are a couple of our treatment reviews from our clients.


Geoff L Bicester

I had tried just about every way to cover my hair loss and then had been shaving my head for a while when I read about SKALP. I like the shaved head look but mine was beginning to look a bit moth eaten. From the moment I arrived at the SKALP clinic for my first consultation, I felt at ease. I went ahead with the treatment and I could not be more delighted. I felt my confidence return instantly. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks SKALP.

Rob T Penzance

I suppose you could say I am an old rocker at heart. Back in the day I had long hair half way down my back – a true stallions mane! Nowadays though it’s more like the wisps on of those hairless Chinese dogs. My mate told me about SKALP although with a full head of hair I am not sure how he knew about them! Anyway I looked up their website and then I went along to see what they could do for me. I’ve got to say I was sceptical, I tend towards being a cynic, but I was really surprised. I liked the staff and their approach and by the end of the consultation I was totally convinced that micro pigmentation was for me. I’ve had the treatment now and although the stallion’s mane has gone forever, I am so pleased with the result I’ve even dug out my old guitar!

Darren C Bristol

I started losing my hair very young. My dad and granddad were the same so I suppose it was no surprise. But the thing was for me that I used to get teased a lot about it. It was only my mates having a laugh and I didn’t show them how much it was affecting me – but it was. I tried all sorts of ‘cures’ that promised to get hair to regrow but nothing worked. The only thing that grew was my overdraft! Then I heard about SKALP. I went along because I was curious. I had heard about micro pigmentation and I wondered if it could be the answer for me. Armed with all the information I decided to go ahead. The result? I am over the moon, and my mates are no longer taking the mick. The only thing I wish is that I had done it sooner.


If you would like to see how you would look with our treatment, please send us some photos and we will send back a personalised quote and virtual mock up.

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