Healthy Diet = Healthy Hair


Healthy Diet Equals  Healthy Hair

Is it really that simple?

Well yes and no.

Hair is made up from various components including a protein called keratin. For meat eaters, they will have a good supply of protein but what about vegetarians. Vegetarians don’t typically have as much protein in their diet.

Healthy hair needs a combination of different factors, including genetics and diet. Sadly male pattern baldness, receding hairlines are not helped by a healthy diet and genetics play a big role. Genetics play a big role in male pattern baldness and cannot be avoided if there is a history of male pattern baldness in your family tree. Interestingly an average of 140 hairs are lost on a daily basis in a healthy head of hair.

Vegetarians need a good supply of protein, which can be obtained from beans, pulses, lentils, eggs, milk etc. Without a good supply of protein hair can start to thin and deteriorate. Iron is another essential mineral the body needs for maintaining a healthy head of hair. A lot of vegetarians lack iron in their diets so in some cases taking supplements is a good idea. Fish is a great source of protein and iron. Vitamins C and A also help in the production of sebum that is an oily secretion found in the sebaceous glands, which help to produce hair.

Other important nutrients are magnesium and zinc, which help maintain a healthy body and hair. I personally lead a very healthy lifestyle and have male pattern baldness. A good balanced diet is essential for health and vitality but it won’t prevent male pattern baldness, receding hairline, and alopecia. The best solution to hair loss, eat a healthy diet and call scalp for a consultation. Scalp micro pigmentation is the best solution on the market. It looks fantastic and replicates the effect of a shaved head of hair.



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