Looking for Healthy Hair? You need to know your onions!


We have reported some very weird healthy hair ideas on the Skalp™ Blog and this is definitely one which may make you retract at the very thought of it. Apparently onions can help keep your hair healthy. Onions are a great accompaniment for a tasty meal but they are not everyone’s favourite vegetable in the kitchen. Due to their rather obnoxious smell and the fact that many cooks will end up in tears simply trying to cut them, preparing onions can be an absolute nightmare. So the idea of taking onions as a drink or even massaging it into your hair may sound a little repulsive. So why are onions good for your hair? Onions can enhance healthy hair in four ways. First of all there is a lot of sulphur in onions which helps with blood circulation. This in turn helps vitalise the hair follicles and strong hair growth. Secondly, the juice from an onion is actually effective in preventing your hair going grey early. Thirdly there are cool anti-bacterial elements in onions which not only assist in preventing infections on the scalp but also hair growth is promoted by the hydration it offers. Finally, it may help where hair loss has occurred due to scalp infections. How to use onions for healthy hair Well, if you are sold on the idea and are not going to be using the onions in your fridge for tonight’s supper, the good news is you don’t have to drink the onion juice. It works best when it is massaged directly into your scalp. There are three basic methods. Some will find the smell of the onion juice a little too much to take so take a close look at method three which deals with this issue (it also involves alcohol!). The following recipes (pardon the pun) were taken from Eve: Woman’s World

  1. Honey and onion juice: Mix a tablespoon of honey and a quarter cup of onion juice. Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair, massage gently then leave on for an hour before rinsing. You could also take a tablespoon of the mixture orally on a daily basis.
  1. Onion juice and oil: Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil and olive oil respectively with three tablespoons of onion juice. Apply this on your hair at least three times a week. This concoction is ideal for moisturising hair and making it grow longer. The mixture should stay on your hair for at least an hour before you rinse it off.
  1. Onion juice and rum: This is ideal for those who can’t stand the smell of onion on their hair. Finely chop one big bulb of onion, place them in a glass of rum overnight – do not refrigerate. The next day, strain the mixture and use the liquid to massage your scalp or as a hair rinse. Strain the mixture and use the liquid as a hair rinse or to massage the scalp. It works to improve the hair growth.

So remember in the short term it may bring tears to your eyes but the long term positive effects may well just be what you are looking for! Skalp ™ offers an aesthetic service in dealing with uncontrollable hair loss. To learn more about Micro Pigmentation click here

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