Can homeopathic treatments prevent hair loss?


Can homeopathic treatments prevent hair loss?



In past articles we have covered many of the recognised treatments that have been evidenced to bring about either the halting or reduction of hair loss. Homeopathy as always stands slightly outside the accepted treatments because it is classed as an alternative medicine and scientists and sceptics alike proclaim there is no real hard evidence to suggest it works. But the fact is Homeopathy is alive and well in modern society simply because it has apparently brought about startling results when confronting all kinds of illnesses, diseases and medical complaints. One of the complaints that homeopathy is deemed to be able to have an effect upon is hair loss.

The evidence is there…

Although homeopathy does not have any scientific basis for providing its results, there is no escaping from the successes it has enjoyed ever since it became highly popular in the 19th Century. It may well be down to a subtle placebo effect but it is a fact that there are reports that it has been used in treating epidemics of cholera, yellow fever, scarlet fever and influenza.

Before you begin

So if nothing else is working what is the harm in giving it a try? One piece of advice would be to always check with your GP before considering a course of homeopathic medicine as (1) there may be other more effective ways out there you doctor can prescribe and (2) you need to make sure that any agents you are ingesting will not have a side effect on complaints you may have or on medicines you are already taking.

Fundamentals for reducing hair-loss

Tropical treatments are very popular in homeopathy:

Homeopathy also follows the principles that certain supplements and nutrients will help you fight hair-loss. Omega 3 fatty acids which are found in oily fish are especially useful as is zinc which aids synthesis of hair keratin. Zinc is found in shellfish, oysters and poultry.

Other nutrients homeopathy recommends, like proteins, vitamin B12, and palmetto blocks, are accepted by medical science as way to help the body confront hair loss. So there is obviously a blurred area here as to what the scientists feel is evidenced.


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