How water can help you combat hair loss


Here on the Skalp™ blog we often discuss how diet is so useful in combatting hair loss – what you put in is what you get out. Diets often suggest drinking water is useful because it flushes out the system and gets rid of all the rubbish fast. We rarely think of water as a source of nutrients in itself.

pouring water into glass from a bottle, on blue background

Think again.

There is no denying how important water is to our body’s performance. It was here before anything else and it is fundamental to our growth, functioning and survival. If we have nothing else to eat or drink we can survive on water, as it is involved in all absorptive, digestive, circulatory and excretory processes of the body. A dietician would tell you that you need to consume around 15 glasses of water a day depending on your size and weight.

Essential minerals and vitamins

It’s a pity water isn’t more interesting as a consumable or we would all find it easy enough to drink more often, but the fact is, for most people it’s tasteless and pretty boring, unless you have a raging thirst. But even though it may seem empty and vacuous it is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins which are essential to your body’s needs.


One of the essential minerals found in water is copper. The absence of this mineral in the body leads to skin, and hair discoloration. Copper deficiency can cause malformation of the bones and hair follicle and ultimately to hair growth that is rough twisted and kinky.


Also found in abundance in water is zinc. Zinc deficiency can result in alopecia (hair loss), night blindness and depression, just to name a few.


Sometimes we need certain minerals to ward off illnesses which can cause hair loss. One of the number one causes of hair loss is through the effects of anaemia. There are great supplies of iron in water which help to keep anaemia t bay.


Manganese is mostly concentrated in the liver, kidney and pancreas. It is necessary for maintenance of normal growth (including hair growth of course), and it helps in the utilisation of vitamins and synthesis of protein, cholesterol, sugar and fatty acids.

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