Hair loss and hypertension


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Hair loss and hypertension

Results from a study which has recently taken place in India suggest there is a significant connection between hypertension and hair loss. As much as changing your lifestyle (i.e. cutting out the stress) can reduce the effects of male pattern baldness it is equally important to see the prevalence of hair loss as a symptom of a severe sign that an individual may be suffering from high blood pressure. This could, if left untreated, trigger much more dangerous complaints.

The study, which took place between 2014 and 2016 at the Hairline International Research and Treatment Centre in Bangalore involved 1000 patients. The main factors uncovered were:

Ms Bani Anand who led the study, commented on how the study results clearly show androgenetic alopecia (or male pattern baldness) is an indicator for hypertension among patients.

Hypertension is often misinterpreted. It sounds as if it describes severe stress. Whereas this may be so in many cases, it can easily go unnoticed unless diagnosed by a doctor. Hypertension really relates to high blood pressure which is a sign your body processes are under strain. If not treated it could lead to:

If these links are taken seriously, then medics may well be able to diagnose hypertension where it has gone unnoticed before. When diagnosis is made, doctors can offer advice as to treat it. Medication is already available to control blood pressure, but the patient can also look to their own lifestyle (as in the case of the IT workers) in order to bring blood pressure down to a normal level.

Advice may include:

Having said all that male pattern baldness does not mean you have hypertension but it is worth getting your blood pressure looked at if the signs are there.

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