Is gender fluidity going a little too far?


Illustration of a long shadow male head icon with a bigender symbol

The words “Gender Fluidity” seems to be cropping up not just in our daily newspapers and media, but also in our everyday conversations. For some time now clothes hairstyles and fashion in many ways appears to be almost free of gender boundaries which for most individuals this offers a very much needed freedom of expression. But there are fears that gender fluidity is in fact a big negative and it is slowly eroding away the much needed differences between male and female.

In an effort to keep up with the changing times where anybody should have the freedom to do…well…anything, children are experiencing an education system where many experts feel there is a danger gender identities are becoming more blurred and kids are left confused about their own sexuality when they should be feeling more open to express it.

Here at Skalp™ we believe in everyone’s freedom to express themselves through fashion in any way they wish so long as they are not harming themselves or anyone else – whether it is to do with sexuality or not. We have all been aware of how clothes have become unisex since the sixties.

As women’s equality has become more profound, women have found it was ok to dress in clothes originally designed for men – and the same for men to a lesser extent. In the seventies as homosexuality was legalised it was great that gender preference could be talked about openly and more and more individuals were able to find their true sexuality – whereas before it would have remained hidden away. Young people feel much more able to experiment with their sexuality as same sex attraction has become the norm.

Here at scalp we have particularly noticed a change in hairstyles for men. There are so many hairstyles which are now worn by both men and women. A case in point is the latest man’s hair bun which is worn on the top of the head with the hair scrapped back. Even the shaven head – a rarity as a fashion statement for the female, but no doubt would still be accepted if worn by a woman.

But are we going a little too far? Are we actually losing the physical symbols which define our sexuality? Are we sacrificing those traditional markers because our culture feels the freedom to express yourself is far more important? Has gender fluidity – although at its best must be the ultimate in freedom of expression as far as your identity is concerned – created a generation of individuals confused about their own sexuality and troubled when they attempt to create traditional male – female relationships?

What do you think?

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