Is your hair getting enough meat?


We have often discussed how keeping to a healthy diet can help deter hair loss and keep your hair looking good.  But what actually comprises a good diet? In previous articles we have talked about the essential vitamins such as omega 3, B, C, H and B3 but sometimes it’s not always clear how this translates into food.

Protein – an essential part of your diet

One food element that is very easy to track down and make part of your daily diet is protein. This is found in such daily staples such as meat. In fact, scientists are saying that the traditional diet of vegetables and fruit could be doing your hair harm. By not taking in foodstuffs which include calories you are also tending to miss out on proteins.

As much as other vitamins are important for keeping your hair ship-shape, protein and especially meats, are a rich source of ferretin which is stored iron that helps the body produce hair cell protein.

Keep your diet balanced – don’t starve your hair

Lisa Caddy, a certified trichologist with Philip Kingsley, a leading authority in hair and scalp health from London says “If you have a [ferritin] deficiency, the growth of hair cells can be badly affected … vegans, vegetarians, and those who choose not to eat red meats are most susceptible. This is especially true of menstruating women”.

In other words be careful on your diets as you could in fact unknowingly be starving your hair of essential nutrients. Dr Zoe Draelos, a dermatologist practising in North Carolina and a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, says vegetarians need to supplement their diet with other complete, or whole, sources of protein, such as cheese, milk and yogurt.

Hair – a reflection of your overall health

The point is that when your body is in need of healing or recovery, vitamins are sent to the most vital organs first. As you might imagine, in most cases  – hair is not the first on that list. In the same way, your hair suffers when you are not well yourself or when you are stressed. Your body is not receiving those vital proteins and vitamins. Dr Flor Mayoral, a clinical instructor in the departments of dermatology and cutaneous surgery at University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine believes a hair strand can show how a person’s health has been recently. By analysing the hair a doctor can get an idea of how a person’s health has been in the past.

The good news is that the effect a bad diet has on your hair is reversible. It will recover once a more balanced diet is facilitated.


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