4 Tips To Prepare For Movember 2017


5 tips for Movember 2017

4 Tips To Prepare For Movember 2017

Movember 2017 is upon us once again and for those without any hair under their nose it’s time to let that stubble grow out. For those with facial hair it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment and create a brand new look. Put down the shaving gel and razors and let your hair go wild for the next 30 days.


Aside from all the fun we associate with Movember, it exists to promote discussion about some important male health issues. Men aren’t the best at addressing our health fears and concerns, it has to be said. Prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide affect millions of men around the world. Movember is the time to speak up and break the silence about these and similar topics.

If you want to show your support, how do you get ready for Movember 2017? Read on below to find out, and remember, no beards allowed!

1. Find your style

The very first thing to do is shave on November 1st so you start with a clean slate. Then you need to start thinking about the type of Mo you want to grow. You may have seen a style you already like, or just want to see where nature takes you. Do you want to go full 70s retro, or shape a tache that a spirit level would envy? If you don’t have any idea at all, check out the Movember Foundation’s style guide for some suggestions.

2. Resist the itch

The growing phase is the most difficult part to get through. You’ll have the urge to get the stubble off your face as it starts to grow – but resist at all costs! As your appearance changes the itch will start to grow too. A little scratch and here there won’t hurt but don’t irritate your skin too much. Red blotches around the Mo is not a good look.

3. Keep it groomed

If you know the style you’re going for, once you’ve grown enough hair, help it along by trimming where you can. Invest in a good brush to keep it looking neat and tidy. Your other half may have their doubts so avoid being too much of a caveman and use a nice moustache wax to soften the hair. It will also make your skin smell pretty good too.

4. Clean it up

Life changes a little when you grow a Mo and you need to adapt. Depending on how thick you go, make sure you give it a quick wipe after eating and drinking. Give it a wash with water a couple of times day. Little bits of food and liquid can easily attach themselves to your new found facial hair. And no-one wants to see what you had for dinner last night sitting on your face.


Movember 2017


At Skalp® we’ll all be growing out our Mo’s in full support of the Moustache Foundation’s fantastic campaign. Pop into our London hair loss clinic and show us how yours is going, and while you are there, you can arrange a free consultation to find out more about the benefits of hairline micropigmentation and head tattoos.


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