It’s official! Bald men are seen as more dominant


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Stereotypes will always be prevalent in society. To a certain extent it is our sub-conscious working overtime trying to make our immediate surroundings safe for us and minimising risk. Sometimes our unconscious assumptions gets it badly wrong, but nowadays we are astute enough to be able to override initial gut feelings when we meet strangers that may be based on false impressions from our childhoods.

Research study based at Pennsylvania University

But some of those first impressions are bang on the money and can help both parties involved. Recently, with the current rage for bald styles in fashion for men, a data scientist from the US government Albert Mannes has been furthering research into how people perceive bald guys. The good news is the results show that people tend to see bald men as dominant leaders.

According to Business Insider Australia, Mannes found that:

• “Men with shaved heads were rated as more dominant.”
• “Men whose hair was digitally removed were perceived as more dominant, taller, and stronger than their authentic selves.”
• “Men experiencing natural hair loss may improve their interpersonal standing by shaving.”
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How Mannes handled the experiments
Mannes facilitated three separate experiments where participants had to rate pictures of men with different physical appearances – the focus of course being on hairstyles. In the first experiment photos of both men with hair and men shaved were shown and participants were asked to rate dominance and agreeability. The second experiment asked for the same ratings but with hair and hair digitally removed. Finally participants in the third experiment were given identical personality traits with different hairstyles and again asked to make the same ratings.
So where do those stereotypes come from?
In western society men with shaved heads are usually linked with traditionally male occupations. This is further impounded when this stereotype is mimicked by actors in Hollywood and big sports superstars such as Bruce Willis and Basketball player Michael Jordan. Mannes said “In US society … shaved heads are often found on men in traditionally masculine professions so dominance may emerge through stereotypical associations with these figures.”
When considering the results, Mannes made a sweeping statement that echoes our philosophy hear on Skalp™, that it is better to shave it off (in our case and to have the Micro Pigmentation process) than watching it disappear slowly – this again highlights the massive difference between a man with thinning hair and a shaven head.
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