Join in with September alopecia awareness month



Join in with September alopecia awareness month

There is nothing more wonderful and powerful than a regular event that brings the community together to help raise funds for a charity and allows those effected by an illness or complaint to share thoughts and feelings and learn new ways of coping. In America, Australia and in the UK, September has been deemed Alopecia Areata month and it looks as if it is going to be a fun time, a learning time and a time when we can all put an extra bit of money in the coffers for those individuals affected by this disabling complaint.

Maybe disabling is the wrong word – you only have to look at the picture on the National Alopecia Areata foundation website to be lifted by the strong confident and happy faces. It can be disabling – we need to help promote how it affects people, how people can learn to live with it and provide the money to effect positive research to advance how we find innovative new treatments.

What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is a form of hair loss which occurs when your immune system starts behaving erratically. In victims of the complaint, hormones attack the hair follicles which causes damage and ultimately leads to hair falling out. It is as common in men as women and is often seen in people under the age of 20. The first symptoms are usually huge clumps of hair falling out leading to bald patches, but sometimes it can lead to a complete loss of scalp hair. Whereas in most cases the hair will regrow, in 10% of cases the condition is permanent. It is also likely that after one episode there will be many more.

Clearly the psychological effect on individuals can be quite catastrophic. That is when communities and charities like the National Alopecia Areata foundation can be so effective. Septembers activities will make this condition high – profile and sufferers can get together and share ideas and the general public can join in events to raise funds and learn more about how they can help.

The coming month looks exciting with events being held right across America. It will see the return of the highly popular Milwaukee “Rock for Locks” event. The day includes live music by top bands, a col DJ, an auction, raffle, festival style games and a 55-mile organised motorcycle ride through the Holy hill area. You can find out more about it here

In the UK you can donate on their website (Alopecia UK) or you can get a t-shirt from the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation so you can shout all about it

Keep your eyes peeled for coming events or – why not start a fund raising event yourself?

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