Laura’s back and on the Beach!


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.50.29It’s back! The fabulous beaches and exciting relationships of Ex on the Beach is returning to our screens. Expect hot in more senses than one! And at the very centre of the hype and promotion steam train is our very own Laura – Laura Alicia Summers. I guess we are a bit cheeky calling her “our own” but we are proud to admit that gorgeous Laura is where she is today partly because of the help we gave her here at Skalp™

And Laura has been very open about how Scalp Micro Pigmentation has helped her get to where she wanted to be as far as looks and beauty is concerned. Check out her video

Laura has been one of the most popular personalities on Ex on the Beach since series 3. Starting life as a model and a beauty queen she knows that keeping herself looking great is a must for her work and her social life and she is not shy about being completely honest about some of the cosmetic treatments she has had to get her looking so fantastic.

Laura has her dream body!Earlier this month in the Daily Mirror, she spoke openly about spending over £150 thousand on cosmetic surgery. It is this openness and honesty we believe that has led to her popularity. It is also a great testament top her determination and resolve that she can now say she has reached a point where she has the dream body she has always wanted – after years of bullying. She said on Instagram:

“…instead of hiding in a corner I took control of my own life – I changed literally everything that I didn’t like about myself and made ME the person I wanted to be today, yes I’ve had thousands of pounds worth of surgery, been through agonising pain and suffering and put in hours and hard work at the gym just to get my face and body the way I want it to be.”

There is something about Laura that should be an inspiration to all of us when we confront all the challenges in our life when she says:

“People will always judge but it’s just a reflection of their own insecurities – never be afraid to be who you want to be and dream high!

Laura initially came to Skalp™ because she had had a bad experience when wearing hair extensions. Unfortunately they had caused issues this had led to patches of hair loss. Skalp™ Micro Pigmentation is a cosmetic treatment whereby tattoo pigments are used to hide the hair loss. Our trained practitioners use their skills to match exact pigmentation to the client’s hair, flesh colour and hairline.

Laura was so pleased she made the video you can now see on our website!

We are proud that it has proved a great boost for Laura’s career. She has felt so much more confident and not afraid to make new modelling bookings. She feels that Micro Pigmentation will revolutionise the beauty industry – especially girls in her position because it will offer a new freedom and self-esteem.

Thanks for the recommendation Laura and we wish you good luck with the new series of Ex on the Beach which starts on August 11th on MTV.


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