L’Oreal Hair Relaxer Product Faces Complaints Of Hair Loss


L’Oreal Hair Relaxer Product Faces Hair Loss Lawsuit


L’Oreal faces lawsuit

Hair products and lawsuits have been in the news a great deal lately. The court case against Wen Hair cleansing products is still going on and now L’Oreal hair relaxers have come under fire for allegedly causing hair loss.


The L’Oreal product which has apparently been used by such high profile celebrities as Michelle Obama has apparently has received complaints that, as well as causing hair loss, it has also triggered scalp irritation, blisters and burns. Amazingly, according to website IBT, there are already 100,000 plaintiffs. If L’Oreal are found guilty, it has been estimated that penalties could run into hundreds of millions of dollars.


L’Oreal have defended their product, Soft Sheen-Carson, which is primarily marketed to black women for fuller silkier hair. A representative has stated that the hair relaxer is a technical product and that it is important that instructions are followed in order for it to be used safely.


hair relaxer causes hair loss

Prosecution Alleges The Ingredients Are Dangerous

Prosecution alleges the ingredients are dangerous and the advertised oils are misleading. However, the lawsuit appears to question the actual ingredients of the product. It alleges that the hair relaxer comprises a derivative of Indian Gooseberry which is filled with a “dangerous mix of irritants and potentially toxic substances.”


The lawsuit also alleges that the latter is present in place of the advertised oils. It seems L’Oreal’s key ingredient in the product is Amla oil  but according to Mark Geragos, the attorney  who filed the lawsuit, the hair relaxer contains hardly any Amla oil at all.


The product contains a number of potentially irritating ingredients, including lithium hydroxide, hexylene glycol, butylene glycol, cocamidopropyl betaine, and fragrance, according to the complaint.

Scalp Scabs And Bald Patches

One of the plaintiffs related to the case, Sharon Manier of California, has been reported as having to cover up the consequent areas of hair loss with hair pieces. In an attempt to encourage the hair to re-grow she has also been buying very costly hair growth vitamins.


Another plaintiff, Dorothy Riles, stated the hair loss had been so bad after using the L’Oreal product, she had started to wear a wig. The product had even led to scabs on her scalp and several bald patches.


Included in the class action, on top of the hair relaxer complaints themselves, the lawsuit takes into account that the effectiveness of the product. According to the article, the hair relaxer does not have the effects it should do backed by listings of around 50 reviews which focus on poor results as seen on the product listing on amazon.


What to do if you think you have hair loss bald spots?

If you have had a similar reaction to a hair relaxer, or any hair product it is important to stop using the product and seek advice from a doctor. Always check the ingredients of a product, research each ingredient and educate yourself on what you are putting into your body/ hair. Investigate the company and make sure to find reviews from real customers.


Thankfully, ingredients in hair care, as well as skincare products, are becoming more and more transparent. Laws are slowly being adjusted to make it easier for the consumer. However, companies should be held responsible for truthful and ethical practices when packaging and marketing personal grooming products when the ingredients are potentially harmful.


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