Are you losing your hair? Are you a regular swimmer?


Hair loss can be caused by several factors, male pattern baldness, alopecia, and receding hairlines. But have you ever thought about what all that chlorine is doing to your head?

In order to keep swimming pools bacteria free different chemicals are used. Pool staff should check regularly to ensure the PH balance of these to water is balanced and it is safe to swim. However, research has shown that chlorine can still be harmful to your thinning locks, causing the hair to become brittle, and in some cases fall out. So it is important to take the steps to look after yourself.

Lighter hair is affected the most, with chlorine causing a green tinge. This is not normally permanent and after a few days the hair returns to its natural colour. More over it can affect the overall condition and look of the hair, so if you attend your local swimming pool regularly it’s important to wear a swimming cap.

Now that British summertime has arrived, it is important to watch the sun on your hair too, there are lots of products on the market that will protect your hair or scalp to help with this.

If balding and hair loss is something that is not new to you, you may already be using some cover-ups such as hair fibers or a hairpiece. While these will temporarily conceal the balding, say goodbye to any sort of water activities. As these are just temporary fixes, they can wash off or become displaced which could cause embarrassment.

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Anyone that is suffering from male pattern baldness, receding hairlines and alopecia, and that wants to enjoy their summer holidays confidently, please call Skalp today to book a free consultation. Skalp are the leading providers for scalp micro pigmentation, a revolutionary technique that completely replicates the appearance of real hair.

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