I lost my hair and confidence at 14; I got it back 15 years later with SKALP!


I lost my hair and confidence at 14; I got it back 15 years later with SKALP!

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My problems started when, at the age of 14, I lost my hair.  It was devastating.  There was no explanation that any doctor could give us and there followed a never-ending search over many years for a convincing and confortable look.  In those days nobody was bald unless they were very old or had been having chemo and that was what most people thought, that I was ill and that was why I had no hair.


Wearing a baseball cap didn’t help either. That’s typically the headwear chosen by those who have lost hair through chemo.  But when treatment finished, their hair regrew.  Mine was never going to.   It was OK at college because people knew me, but once I had finished my apprenticeship and started to go for interviews, I felt I always had to explain about my hair, or lack of it.   When you have alopecia your head can look different, it looks smooth with no shadow of hair at the sides, as there might be with someone with hair loss and a shaved head.

Considering a transplant?

When I first heard about hair transplants I thought that all my Christmases had come at once.  I thought if I waited a couple of years, the prices might come down to where it was affordable for me. I read everything that I could on the procedure and poured over every photo that I could of men, famous and otherwise who had had hair transplants.  I was convinced that somehow someway I would find the money to do it.  Then my girlfriend got pregnant!    Well that put the kibosh on any designs I had to have hair transplant.  Oh we tried to say that we would manage to find the money from somewhere, but when you have kids….  Well I don’t have to tell you.


When the trend in men to shave their heads began I thought that was a cool look and a lot better than having wisps here and there.  Of course I didn’t have wisps anywhere, and nothing to shave.


I remember the first time I heard about scalp micro pigmentation.  At first I thought it was dependent on having some hair to start with but when I realised it wasn’t, it was as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.   True, things had not been as bad as an adult as they had been for me as a child, but still it was something that I thought about all the time.  I know that I would never have been able to come to terms with my baldness.


Enter SKALP!

From the first moment that I phoned to book an appointment to the day that my treatment was complete, I have nothing but praise for everyone that works there.  Their careful assessment and the decisions they made about what would be best for me, to match my complexion etc. gave me a result that stunned me and my friends and family.  I was so delighted.  Now whenever I went anywhere, nobody stared, I fitted in!  At last!

I cannot recommend SKALP highly enough for their professional and efficient care.  For the first time since I lost my hair at the age of 14, I feel normal again and that was all I ever wanted.


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