Monster snowstorm brings New York to a halt



Were you one of those people who wished for snow this Xmas? Lord knows why. My wife is desperate for a heavy snowfall every year and sits grumpy and moody if the weather has the audacity to be lovely warm and fresh.

Ok true, there is no doubt that around Xmas time a wonderful fall of snow can be both magical, and in fact warming. The fact is it isn’t Xmas and most of the year it means dangerous ice, dirty slush, gridlock, bitter winds, wet clothes…and well you get the drift.

And America has got it really bad at the moment. As true brits we always complain as soon as the griters are just late getting out, but the kind of snow they are getting in New York and Washington really is breaking all records.

Here at Skalp™ we really feel for the manager of our newest Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic which is based in New York. But knowing the passion our practitioners have for the treatment we know they will be there whatever the weather. (If they can!) It does seem that the US is more prepared for adverse weather than we are – and get a lot less upset about it than us Brits but this monster storm has taken everyone by surprise and is causing huge problems.

10 states including New York have declared weather emergencies. Highways are impassable, coastal areas are in danger of flooding, high winds of 110 km/h are battering the people and houses and there has been up to 58 inches of snow in some areas.

The New York city Police are already warning people to stay off the roads but if the truth be known, after the latest snowfall, it is difficult getting anywhere near the roads. Community transport has also been disrupted as subway services, trains, planes and buses have been stopped. The snowfall has led to huge power outages leaving people without heating to keep safe and warm and the lack of travel facilities have left commuters stranded and in danger from the cold and isolation.

As well as the fact that people are not even able to get down to their local food store, commercial vehicles have been unable to deliver and so food shelves have been left empty.

It’s going to be a difficult week for our New York friends and we wish them all the best as they battle this extreme weather. Anything like this kind hasn’t been seen since about 1922 in America. So let’s hope it ends fast and does not happen again for another 100 years.

…and next Xmas careful what you wish for.

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