Movember at Skalp


It’s that time of year again…… What will you be doing for Movember?


There is nothing like Movember to cheer up our cold wintery days and this year we are proud to announce that most of our practitioners and clients are joining in the challenge. For those who do not know, Movember is a charity activity where guys are sponsored in growing wild and wonderful moustaches over the month of November. Here at Skalp® Micro Pigmentation we are donating the money we make to men’s mental health (a cause we are all very passionate about) and cancer research.

In some ways Movember seems a very new charity event but it is astonishing that it has in fact been with us since 2003!

How Movember became a great charity

It was started by two ordinary guys in Australia (Travis Garone and Luke Slattery) who as a bit of a joke wanted to see if they could get the moustache back into fashion again. The term “Mo Bros” was born as 30 guys put the moustache to its ultimate test. No money was raised in 2003.

In 2004 it was really used as a vehicle to raise money for charity, the Movember Foundation was founded and though events and its concept was still restricted to Australia it raised over £21,000 for six men’s health projects. By 2005 it is widely known across Australia and managed to raise over half a million pounds for charity.

In 2007 Movember started to go global and partnered with Canada, UK, Spain, New Zealand and USA. As a charitable event it had now raised £13 million across the world for 73 men’s health projects. Two years later and the money the charity was making was being turned into successful research projects. It was through Movember funding that the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Centre made a significant research breakthrough identifying that there were over 25 different kinds of prostate cancer.

It’s not too late to start growing!

Now in 2014 Movember has become a truly global charitable event that is almost as well known to the general public as Halloween, bonfire night and children in need.

Want to take part? It’s so easy. All you have to do is do nothing while the hair follicles on your upper lip do all the work. It can be a lot of fun trying out different styles of tach – those 1920’s waxed ends look really cool! And it can be quite a revelation to you and your nearest and dearest: As well as raising money for a really good cause you may find yourself looking in the mirror and liking what you see. There are many cases where guys have kept their hairy new looks long after the last days of November.

It’s not too late to give it a whirl. To join up visit and just follow three simple three steps. Or if you would like to help our guys make money for men’s health charities please visit and donate. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation offers a great service for people struggling with hair loss or who just want to join the bald fashion trend and look their very best. Trained practitioners apply pigments to the scalp so it appears as if you have a full head of hair – but cut fashionably short.


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