National Hair Loss month in the US


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National hair loss month in the US

There seems to be a day to celebrate or pay tribute to everything nowadays and it sometimes feels as if we are just snowed under by the need to recognise some event that is often just an advert in disguise. But the National hair loss awareness month which has been designated to August by the American Academy of Dermatology I believe is actually a good thing.

Where charities are concerned, designated days bring common problems and issues to the fore which are not normally given the time of day in normal conversation. Hair loss is a prime example of this. It is so intrinsic to our everyday living and so surreptitious in its onset that it only really gets discussed behind closed doors.

Something to hide away

Whereas with most complaints, both men and women will do the right thing and get the best advice from their doctor or their consultant, hair loss tends to be something to hide away. There is a feeling of embarrassment and dejection which, at least in the early stages (which could be any age), could lead the victim to feel socially inadequate. What follows is a period of denial. Individuals do not want to believe in the hair loss themselves and make vain attempts to cover up a receding hair line or a bald patch. Then various tools are used (hats, wigs, toupees, comb-overs) to hide the fact from close friends and family.

The chance for good advice is missed

This is so sad because in most cases this behaviour draws attention to the hair loss and makes it more apparent. But worst of all advice about the complaint is not taken from the experts so, in many cases, people with the condition do not do anything about it until it is too late. There are many different reasons for hair loss (illnesses such as alopecia, hereditary conditions such as male pattern baldness, and living styles which dis-encourage healthy hair growth) as well as their being medicines, and plain good advice to stop it in its tracks, slow it down cover up or re-grow.

So the message is loud and clear and, as in any month of the year, we will shout it loud and clear! If you feel you have hair loss issue get expert advice and find out exactly where you stand. You may not cure it but at least you will know the roads you can take.

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