Perez Hilton goes for the shaven look



It is always great to see the celebrities out in force sporting their new shaven look. Latest to hit the headlines is star blogger Perez Hilton – and we have to say we think he really looks cool in more senses than one. Nice one Perez for taking that all important step!

Considered by many to be Hollywood’s hottest celebrity gossip, Perez was snapped by the Mirror as he was out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with his gorgeous young son – both were dressed in green in honour of the grand Irish day.

The new short haircut was clearly a revelation to a lot of his fans with even his most die-hard fans admitting they did not recognise him at first. But it was not long before the tweets came pouring in to say that they very much approved of his great new look.

One posted: “You look great with short hair!”

Another posted: “So beautiful – new look is beautiful.”

He is obviously on the right tracks and unlikely to be losing any fans in the near future. There is word that Perez has cut his locks for his appearance on “Strictly come Dancing” he’s certainly up for it – he said tweeted recently: “If @BBC strictly asked me to be on the show, I would jump and twirl and instantly say yes!”

Great! He’s certainly going to be more streamlined as he struts his stuff with Claudia Tess and the gang!! Here’s hoping this will come to fruition – he has already made a name for himself after appearing on big Brother!

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