SMP Scalp Micropigmentation Ink

Skalp® Cosmetic Pigment

The World’s Number One Scalp Micropigmentation Pigment.

Once you use Skalp® Pigment you will never use another pigment again.

The Pigment of Choice for Professionals.

Our Scalp Micropigmentation pigment has been developed and perfected to give every single client the most natural results possible, it is designed purely for performing scalp micropigmentation treatments and nothing else!
As the industry leader in Scalp Micropigmentation we know how important it is to use the best equipment and most advanced techniques to give clients the best possible result. The pigment being used to perform the treatment being one of the most important choices.
Scalp Micropigmentation Frequently asked questions

Great value for money

Skalp® Pigment comes in a 30ml bottle so with each bottle you will be able to perform 30 treatment sessions. So if you charged $100 per session you would make $3,000 from each bottle.

Skalp® pigment does NOT change colour over time

One of the biggest concerns for clients is will the pigment change colour or look liked it’s blurred after a few years. Our pigment has been designed to stay true to it’s original colour and not change colour no matter how many years have passed.
Our pigments have been designed to lighten in colour over the years but not change colour so clients can have the choice of having either a softer look as they grow older or have a touch-up to maintain a darker look. Our pigments have also been designed to hold pigment particles together better in the dermis giving a more accurate follicle simulation which leads to a more realistic and natural appearance.

Non Toxic and Sterile

Our pigment is non toxic, has never caused an adverse skin reaction and is packaged in a sterile environment. It is certified in Europe and USA so every client can rest assured that the best quality pigment is being used for their treatment.

Easy to use

Our pigment is designed to be extremely easy to use to ensure the perfect colour match for every client, it is easily diluted to adjust the intensity of the pigment to get a seamless blend with the clients existing follicles. You can also use our pigment with diluting it at all, when used as pure pigment it gives you of the darkest pigments on the market. Each bottle comes with the Skalp® Dilution guide to help you get the perfect colour match.


Skalp® Pigment is recommended and sold exclusively by Team Micro who are the most trusted and largest suppliers of scalp micropigmentation pigments, equipment and supplies in the world. Skalp® Pigment can be shipped worldwide.