PRP treatment could also help with hair loss


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The media at the moment seems to be packed with new ways to prevent, stop or cure hair loss. So we were interested in finding out all about PRP treatment. PRP first came to prominence when Kim Kardashian used it for beauty treatment. We all probably remember the rather horrific pictures of her during treatment (no offence Kim) with what appeared to be blood spattered over her face.

But let’s get this quite clear – the treatment is based on taking out your blood and then re-injecting it back into your body.

This maybe a little easier to deal with on Halloween.

PRP (or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment) is created by first of all taking a small amount of blood from a patients arm and then processing it in a machine that spins the blood at high speed until it separates into its various components. Scientists believe that the plasma and platelets are great for all round healing in the body. It is now being used for many different types of sports injuries as well as burns.

Research still taking place

Researchers in the US have now found that it may well have a positive effect as well in dealing with male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia).

It all seems a bit odd. If the blood is in your body already – why take it out, mess around with it and then put it back in again? Well, the theory is that injecting platelet -rich plasma into hair follicles will increase the supply of blood and nutrients, boosting the activity of the hair follicle cells which results in enhanced growth and stronger hair. By re-injecting you are actually increasing the levels of platelets far beyond their normal concentration.

Researchers are still making studies into these theories so it still has not been accepted as making a vast difference as yet. Dr Bev Shergill, consultant dermatologist at the Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said to the Daily Mail Online ‘I think that the results of this study will be closely watched by dermatologists specialising in hair disorders as there are not many options for andro- genic alopecia.’

Simple treatment

Once the blood is removed from your arm it only takes about twenty minutes to separate the different elements using the specialist scientific equipment. It is the clear platelet rich plasma which is then is then injected back into the places that need the attention – in this case it would be the scalp. When PRP is injected into the scalp, the injection entry point causes a small wound which activates the platelets and lets them get to work repairing the tissue in that area.

So the jury’s still out on this one – watch this space and we will provide any updates.

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