Research group in Japan aim for new hair restoration process in 4 years


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Research group in Japan aim for new hair restoration process in 4 years

2020 seems to be a popular year to make things really happen. It is the goal year for the UK to end any ties with the EU, it’s Coca-Cola’s sustainability goal for making its products water-neutral and it marks the zenith of the American Office of Disease Prevention’s healthy people campaign to improve the nation’s health. Japan has now hit the headlines with its own innovative scientific studies to offer a product which will actually regenerate hair after hair loss. The goal is to make the product commercially available by 2020.

The largest Japanese research group

There is great optimism for the new process which could help hair loss sufferers all over the world. The methods have already been explored in California and now researchers at RIKEN are taking the studies one step further. They have already shown that regenerative science works with glands and teeth and hair follicles in mice.

Follicular regenerative medicine

The system is called follicular regenerative medicine and it works by removing a small patch of skin and hair follicles from the patient’s scalp. Within the follicles are stem cells – they are the key to the process.  The hair follicles are the tissues which protect and nourish the actual hair root. The stem cells are isolated and cultivated so enhancing further growth. The cells are then processed and turned into hair follicles.

A step further than hair transplantation

This may sound a little like an ordinary hair transplant but in the latter the hair is simply transplanted. The hair itself is not encouraged to grow further by any set process. The reason this method is not available to consumers at the moment is it will need high precision bioengineering devices to make it work appropriately. RIKEN have therefore teamed up with Kyocera and Organ Technologies to make the devices, specialist gadgets a reality.

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