Rocking the SMP Look!


Rocking the SMP Look!

Lloyd Scalp Micro pigmentation results- rocking the smp look!

It was something that came on gradually.   I started losing my hair when I was about 20.  I was kind of expecting it because the rest of the men in my family were follically challenged.   Another couple of lads in my group of friends also had hair issues though probably not as bad as mine.

I think the first time I really felt self-conscious about it was on a lad’s week in Ibiza.   I was with my mate Jacko who is endowed with a full head of really thick hair, and we were doing what you do in Ibiza, at one of the many nightclubs.  The place was rammed and we were chatting up some girls when one of them said to my mate, “Why did you bring your dad along?”  I laughed along with all the rest of them but it really hurt.


Of course Jacko wasted no time in telling the other lads what had happened and they found it hilarious.  Although I put on a brave face the rest of the week was more or less ruined for me.  I bought a baseball cap and stuck that on my head.  It was hotter than hell wearing that all the time but I really didn’t want to hear any more cracks about me being somebody’s dad.

When I got back to the UK I decided that if I did not want to look like some sort of refugee from an American sit-com with the baseball cap on all the time I was going to have to do something about it.   My first thought was a hair transplant but my older brother had tried that and it had not worked out for him and I was morbidly afraid of needles too.   I think it was about him not having enough of his natural hair to transplant.   I was actually worse off hair wise than he was, so I thought that might not be possible for me either.


Somebody suggested that I shave my head.  I did that and I thought I looked better; I had almost been in comb over territory and having a shaved head looked a lot better.  It was then that someone at work mentioned SMP.  I have to say that I had not heard of it before, but when I read about it, I thought that it could be just what I as looking for.   SKALP’s name kept coming up as a clinic with a great reputation so I took my courage in both hands and booked an appointment.

I was as nervous as hell!! BUT I have to say that from the moment I set foot in the door everyone at SKALP was so reassuring and friendly that I soon relaxed.  They explained everything to me and showed me what the result was likely to be.  I had no hesitation in booking an appointment to begin the treatment process.

Now- 4 months after treatment and I’m planning another lads trip to Kavos. This time I will not be mistaken for anyone’s dad!   Thanks SKALP!

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