How Skalp have become the new leaders in Scalp Micro Pigmentation


It is no secret that Skalp Micro Pigmentation has become the leader in hair loss treatments through head tattoos. With so much competition many ask us what is the secret has been to our explosive success. Simply we are a client led which puts our customers at the forefront of everything we do. In this way we can offer you a truly customised service which finds a solution to your unique needs. As we have grown (we now have three clinics across the UK) we haven’t lost touch with the essential fundamental factors such as only using top class practitioners, streamlining health and safety, and structuring a highly efficient support and after care system.

We recognise everyone is unique and do not offer one service for all hair issues. So whatever gender or age, ethnic background or hair problem (i.e. alopecia, hair thinning, compliments to hair transplants, receding hair) you can enjoy a swift personal service at unbeatable prices. Take a look at what makes us stand out from the crowd:

An Informed choice

At Skalp we are aware that even though “scalp micro pigmentation” has become enormously popular over the last few years, the processes and overall extraordinary solutions still remain somewhat of a mystery to many. Our aim right from the beginning has been to be customer led.  To ensure all of our clients can make an informed choice about hair pigmentation and the most appropriate hair loss treatment for their individual needs.

We therefore provide a complete knowledge base of all the information you will need to decide whether a hair tattoo is right for you. On our website we explore the meaning of micro pigmentation, the various types of hair loss, what the process will involve, and the aftercare and support we provide.

We want you to be sure micro pigmentation is right for you and we are proud our approach has led to 100% satisfaction, see our testimonials! 

To help you make your decision we are unique in offering an unbeatable selection of tools which includes a free mock up so you can see exactly how you will look after the process. Now that’s clever. Click here for your free mock-up.

This is a big decision so we give you as much help as possible: mock up; free consultation, video testimonials, open forums; finance available; free brochure; request a call-back; chat live online.

An accessible service which takes account of your budget

 Skalp has tried to integrate an easily accessible service which looks after your pocket too. With three clinics in major towns across the UK, it means over 60% of the population can now reach us within one hour, and more than 80% – 2 hours. We have also made sure that our clinics are within easy reach of airports and mainline train stations. We offer a free consultation which we guarantee leads to very competitive prices.

Hair loss treatment with micro pigmentation is not just about changing your hair. It is about welcoming in a new exciting and positive lifestyle.  You need to know that you can trust the provider of the service. With that in mind we ensure all of our practitioners are highly experienced in permanent cosmetics and micro pigmentation, and they are at one with our mission, and support. Our experience and skills have been talked about by celebrities and satisfied clients alike.

Superior support and aftercare

 Feel you are on your own with all this? We’re going to be offering you support before you even have the treatment! Take a look at the website to see how easy it is to make contact with us before and after the hair loss treatment. You can chat live online, you can start your mock-up or you can  register on our forum and meet thousands of others who have been through the process and want to share thoughts or ask a question.  As well as offering guidance on head care after the process we also offer many different unique products especially developed for caring for a bald head.

Join our satisfied customers – we can’t wait to meet you! 


Celebrity hairdresser with Jason Piris

Celebrity hairdresser Daniel Johnson

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